Jewelry Appraisal

Since the company was established in 1988, the experts at ESTEEM Appraisers Ltd. have acquired a wealth of experience in evaluating hundreds of thousands of pieces of gold and diamond jewelry, silverware, paintings and other Fine and Decorative objects of art.

Appraising modern and antique jewelry requires expansive knowledge of the different styles throughout the ages, the different work techniques, developments in diamond cutting, the use of different materials and gems in various periods and also the ability to identify the different types of hallmarks used in various countries throughout the generations (see gold and silver hallmarks) (see diamond appraisals).

Yet another criterion is used to determine the value of brand name jewelry or of pieces created by famous jewelry makers.
The approach in such appraisals goes beyond the regular parameters and, in some cases, the appraisal is based on the specific history of a certain piece realized at the auction rooms.

279Jewelry AppraisalESTEEM Appraisers Ltd. also prepares jewelry evaluations for the execution of wills or division among heirs.  Such appraisals are made according to values that reflect the realizable value (what the piece would be worth were it to be sold) in order that the division be equal and fair to all sides. (see expert opinion)

ESTEEM Appraisers Ltd. offers an additional service that complements the jewelry appraisal: a high-quality catalog of the collection which includes photographs.

ESTEEM Appraisers Ltd. does not buy or sell articles.
Our expert appraisals are completely objective and free of commercial interest.